Cloud Computing Disaster Recovery to Quickly Restart Your Business

Historically, a business would have to build, manage, and pay for an expensive separate infrastructure that houses backup information in case of an emergency or disaster as part of their disaster recovery plan. This type of system works very well for the cash-rich, large corporations with wealthy CEOs and various streams of income. However, for the small business owner who makes enough for a livable wage, that plan isn’t monetarily feasible. In today’s technologically savvy world however, cloud computing disaster recovery is an excellent resource for any disaster recovery plan.

What issues and competencies need to be addressed?

What to Consider

Deciding on a cloud computing disaster recovery plan isn’t a simple matter. Will your data and information be secure in the cloud? How much bandwidth would you need to recovery it to an on-site location? How much time without your systems can you afford without seeing strongly negative effects to the business? Which systems are priorities, and which can be recovered later? With this in mind, you need to consider what type of cloud computing disaster recovery plan fits your needs the best. A few are:

  • A managed applications and managed disaster recovery plan. This means a managed service provider does all the heavy lifting for you, but you need to be able to trust the provider since you lose control.
  • Back up to cloud, and restore from the cloud to an on-site location. This is more bandwidth heavy, but gives you more control.
  • Back up to cloud, and restore to the cloud. This is similar to the previous option except information is restored to virtual machines in the cloud. Quicker and more expensive than restoring from the cloud.
  • Replication to virtual machines in the cloud. This is the fastest and most aggressive cloud computing disaster recovery plan because all systems should be readily available without having to restore any data.

For more information on types, issues, and considerations of cloud computing disaster recovery plans, click here. As important as recovery is, having a fallback option for safety during a disaster is even more critical.

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Safety First: Your Employees’ and Customers’ Lives

As awesome as cloud computing is for small businesses, it isn’t going keep anyone safe from harm. As a business, you have an ethical and moral obligation to the safety of those employed by you and of those at your commercial location. At US Safe Room, we pride ourselves on delivering the best life-saving products and information available. Check out our modular safe rooms, above-ground safe rooms, and underground bunkers for additional information. Give us a call at (888) 588-6751 to speak to a friendly staff member, and like us on Facebook for more news and relevant information! Be safe!