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Storm Bunkers Save Lives During Severe Weather

Storm bunkers may be a more important investment than you think. When it comes to severe and deadly weather bearing down on your home, few things are as terrifying and chaotic as a tornado. Unfathomably strong winds, deadly flying debris, and earth-trembling power make these some of the most devastating atmospheric phenomena on our planet. Staying…


The Healing Ozone Layer

The Hole in the Ozone is Shrinking According to a study published in the Journal Science, the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica shows signs that it’s beginning to heal. An international agreement put in place almost 30 years ago called for the phasing out of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and other substances that harm the ozone…

Police Line

Orlando Mass Shooting

Orlando Mass Shooting On Sunday, June12th, 2016, around 2am, the start of the largest mass shooting in our country’s history began. Omar Mateen entered the Pulse nightclub early Sunday morning wielding a pistol and AR-15. He began to open fire, killing innocent people. The shooting lasted almost three hours. The death toll reached 50, including…