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Storm Bunkers Save Lives During Severe Weather

Storm bunkers may be a more important investment than you think. When it comes to severe and deadly weather bearing down on your home, few things are as terrifying and chaotic as a tornado. Unfathomably strong winds, deadly flying debris, and earth-trembling power make these some of the most devastating atmospheric phenomena on our planet. Staying…

10/3/16 Tornado Report

Tornadoes are at risk of appearing tomorrow in Oklahoma City. Local meteorologists are saying that the severe storm headed their way will bring hail the size of tennis balls, damaging winds around 70 mph, and several tornadoes are possible. If you’re in the area, you should expect severe storms through the week til Thursday.

Tornado Report 9/30/16

Yadkin county tornado warning expired yesterday. A tornado was sighted in the area but there was no danger to the area in the sense of property or life. Many tips were issued by the national weather service, but they can all be avoided by purchasing a safe room. Visit our catalog for more information. <