Above Ground Tornado Shelters

When preparing for disaster, it’s important to ask all the questions. Number one, which safe room is right for me? There’s a common misconception that the best option is an underground bunker. It’s true that being underground creates many natural barriers between the safe room and danger. However, above ground tornado shelters are extremely safe…

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Storm Bunkers Save Lives During Severe Weather

Storm bunkers may be a more important investment than you think. When it comes to severe and deadly weather bearing down on your home, few things are as terrifying and chaotic as a tornado. Unfathomably strong winds, deadly flying debris, and earth-trembling power make these some of the most devastating atmospheric phenomena on our planet. Staying…

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Emergency Alerts and Preparation

Hurricane Matthew recently had devastating effects on both Haiti and the east coast. It’s clear that proper alerts and preparation can mean the difference between life and death when severe weather strikes. We have written before about the recent changes in weather patterns and how they can affect your family. An increase in the severity and…


How do Tornadoes Form?

For the amount of tornadoes that hit the United States every year, scientists still know very little about how they form and die out. The largest tornadoes are formed from a supercell thunderstorm. A supercell thunderstorm needs the same ingredients as a regular thunderstorm which includes warm moist air near the ground and then cold…

Severe Weather

Gentry Tornado

The National Weather Service is investigating the Gentry tornado in Arkansas on Thursday (July 9th) which left behind significant damage. The city is beginning its recovery by assessing all of the damage and doing general city cleanup. The storm barreled through the city with winds up to 70 miles per hour which was able to…