Prep for NC tornadoes

Lee’s Summit Tornadoes

A city about 20 miles southeast of Kansas City was struck by two tornadoes on Wednesday, July 1st. The city of Lee’s Summit is beginning the recovery by assessing the structural damage and general city cleanup throughout the community. The National Weather Service came in on Thursday morning and confirmed that two tornadoes had touched…

Hurricane Irene by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Hurricane Season

In late May, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration made a statement about this year’s upcoming hurricane season. They made a prediction that this hurricane season will not have the normal number of hurricanes. Due to the water currents, the number of hurricanes should be “below normal.” Even though the hurricane season may not have…


Basic Survival Checklist

Everyone is a little different in the way they want to plan for a survival situation. Some people are more defensive oriented, buying guns and ammunition. Others are more sustainably oriented, and focused on energy and food. This list may not suit everyone’s prepping style but it does include the basic needs for survival. These are some…


2015 Ohio Safe Room Rebate Program

Ohio has an opportunity for homeowners. The 2015 Ohio Safe Room Rebate Program is a random selection process developed by the Mitigation and Recovery Branch of the Ohio Emergency Management Agency. This program provides a rebate to a select number of Ohio homeowners for the installation of above-ground or underground safe rooms. The program is application-based;…